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Poland’s transition from communism to democracy in the early 1990’s, although relatively successful, has actually been detrimental to the standard of living for its citizens. Many families are finding it very difficult to find work and provide the basic necessities for their children. Average incomes, a small fraction of those earned in the United States, have left the majority of Poles struggling to keep up with the very high cost of living resulting from its Westernized economy.

There is a great deal of personal history associated with my desire to contribute to the “Children of Poland Relief Fund”. This is a means of providing essential aid for the children of a small town called Myslenice, found just outside of the city of Krakow. This town is not only the place of my birth, but also a lifelong home to my sister, Slawomira, my brother, Robert, and his family of a wife and three children, my mother and grandmother. Additionally, this town is a home to many impoverished young children who often go to bed hungry. Such children are in need of adequate nourishment, clothing, school supplies, and opportunities that are easily taken forgranted by their peers in the United States.

A “love offering” gathered during your concert event will provide the necessary funds of which 100% will be used to benefit the children in the town of Myslenice, Poland.

Our mission is simple and God has provided the means to help others through this music ministry. By His grace we pray that in seeing Jesus in others, our contributions will help others to be blessed by the Hand of God.

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