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Biography of Mark Lyda

Born in 1975 in the country of Poland, Mark and his older sister, the youngest of four siblings, were adopted by Polish-American immigrants who had made Youngstown, Ohio their home in the early 1970’s. Having been raised in Youngstown, Mark began playing music by the early age of five. By the third grade, Mark was providing liturgical music for his congregation's daily children’s services, playing both the piano and pipe organ. By his late teens, Mark had established an abundant musical repertoire having been led from “Jazz to Jesus!” In addition to playing in jazz, rhythm & blues, and country bands, Mark upheld his ethnic roots as an accordion accompanist for local Polish folk groups.

In his early twenties, Mark went through a period of soul searching to which he refers as “a time of spiritual renewal”. This new commission from God revolutionized his life and has become the basis for his newfound ministry.

In November, 2000, Mark released the album “LEAP OF FAITH”. It is a reflection of new depths of maturity and growth as Mark embarks upon his personal faith journey. The following lyrics from the album’s opening song, “Take A Leap Of Faith”, demonstrate Mark’s conviction in Christ, as he steps out in faith.

Take a leap of faith
Move away from the shore
Step out on the water
Open your hearts… like never before

Take a leap of faith
Reach out for His Hand
Don’t doubt the Power
NOW is the hour… to live for the Lord!

Mark’s mission is to glorify God, the Father, by witnessing the gospel of His Son, Jesus Christ to people of all denominations, through his music and personal testimony.

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